Heather Magarian has achieved world champion status as an Irish dancer and was a successful model living in London, England.  


Together with her British husband, Heather is happy to be settling back into life in San Antonio, Texas, where she was raised.   While keeping busy hosting High Tea in her home for her girlfriends, she's realized her passion is etiquette.  


A drive to cultivate charm and etiquette in the next generation of San Antonio women has motivated her to start The Little School of Manners & Etiquette for young children.  




"Manners are not innate, they are learned. After spending almost 3 years in the UK, I realize that Americans are ever so slowly getting away from those unparalleled and useful teachings.  Well mannered and charming children mature into likewise adults, which will subsequently help build personal and business relationships. I look forward to giving your child the tools to achieve those successes and having fun doing so!!”

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